Shop Local! 4 Gift Ideas for Grads

With the warm weather season arriving, so do many others; patio season, festival season, socks-and-sandals season and, last but not least… Graduation Season! Chances are you (or someone you know) know someone that’s graduating this spring or summer. Have you put any thought into how you might reward that grad you know for the hard work they’ve put into furthering their education and career? You might not be the one that can set them up for a full-time salaried position at their dream job down the road, BUT there are still ways to reward them for reaching an important milestone! Not just that, but there’s a way to do it while also supporting the awesome pop-up and small business retailers in your very own city! With so many vendors to choose from, here’s a quick break-down of what kinds of things you could look into purchasing for your grad from local vendors in Toronto.


With business-casual likely being the norm apparel in many of the potential roles that a grad can end up in, it’s always great to help them along their way towards a professional, stylish look. A great place to go for your stylish, business-casual apparel needs is Vivid Streetwear. They have a great selection of custom bow ties, custom ties, and Pocket Squares, and best of all; they’re hand-crafted in Toronto!


Accessorizing at work is very rarely against the rules, so gifting jewellery to your recently graduated somebody is always a safe bet! Plus, who says you can’t wear jewelry outside of the workplace? Shop for Jayu offers trendy, bold, and stylish eye candy that is easily purchased and worn day-to-day. Shop for Jayu offers a wide range of accessories for women that are mostly under $60, so this is a great place to start your search!


After what was probably a stressful year of quizzes, exams, essays, and presentations, chances are your grad you use a little relaxation. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you’re a registered massage therapist who can follow them around and provide on-the-spot muscle release. Fortunately, another way to ensure long-term calm and relaxation is through TEA! First Edition Tea Co. creates collections of unique tea blends, handmade in small batches from high quality ingredients right here in Toronto, that are sure to ease the post-semester nerves of any grad.


Got a creative grad heading out of school? We don’t have to enroll in an Arts History program to appreciate some interesting art! Art grad or not, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a screen-print made by Floating World Studio that speaks to that special grad you’re shopping for. They’ve got a wide range of fun and interesting pieces with loads of colour (or monochromatic, if they’re into that kind of thing) that’ll turn some heads sideways.

Have you already found the perfect gift for your grad? Let us know in the comments!

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