Moving Deadstock – Motivations Behind a New Market

Deadstock Depot is a brand new market hitting the Toronto Flea scene with a focus on vintage 1990s era and contemporary streetwear. The Toronto scene is just one of a range of urban scenes that have broken out in the last 10 years, but it has the beginnings of a unique streetwear look, according to local vendor and deadstock organizer Marc Keeling, there is an emerging group ready to “look at locally produced Toronto styles and showcase it.”


Q: What is your customer looking for?

A: “You can dig deep in that fashion imagination of yours and simply rock out what makes you happy and confident. If you are messing with any sort of vintage garments, you want something that nobody has.”
– Xavier Murphy, Transparent Montreal

The vintage streetwear scene is getting bigger and bigger, but, while there are a few fleas like the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA which are a massive affair, it is still dominated by small dealers selling product by product through online platforms like Kijijji and Etsy. Keeling explains that Deadstock Depot is an opportunity to get this scene together in one place and build a network and hopefully “sell all your goods in one day instead of one hat here, one jersey there”.


Q: How did you get started as a vendor/business?

A: “[We] started out [the] brand as a hobby in 2012, [it] grew into a passion and career as we got better at it.”
– Ebenezer Bottah, Northside of the Map

To do that, Deadstock is creating more than a market they have their eye on a “movement”. Streetwear vendors at other more generalist fleas tend not to quite fit according to Keeling: “it’s like a motorbike vendor at a boat show”, same crowd different state of mind. But Deadstock is a specific event that can cater to the streetwear enthusiast no matter how broke they are including a sneaker swap table, live DJ, and musical performances from Toronto MCs.


Q: Who is your target customer?

A: “broke people”
– Sean Park and Tiffany Or, Creeps

Deadstock Depot will be held on Saturday, September 17th, 2016 at the Northern Contemporary Gallery, 1266 Queen St. West.
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