Display Love: Penny Candy Jam

We all have had experiences while shopping where we’ve been motivated to take a closer look at a display. Have you ever thought about why? We take a closer look at some of the booths we’ve been drawn to and why we think they work. Today we put Penny Candy Jam under our microscope.


cheerful modern branding

Jam isn’t the first product we think of as being trendy, but this bright colour blocked branding has us thinking twice. It’s consistent and clean from the canopy (wow!) to down to the jam jars. Bonus points for being very visible from a distance – no missing this booth!


Variety in height

Stacked jars of different heights moves the shopper’s eye from across the booth and keeps things from looking static. Even if your product isn’t flat, you can achieve height by using cupboard organizers (like this affordable one from Ikea) or by flipping over your transport boxes and covering them with a cloth.


Selling food? Samples!

This is a no-brainer, but it works! Giving people a taste of what you are selling makes them way more likely to take some home with them. While they are sampling, you can use the time to tell them more about your business.


Plants + other homey touches

Complimenting their modern branding are some nice homey touches: flowers, a plaid table cloth, canopy sides with arched windows. All these things suggest a comfortable country vibe that we associate with jam.

Samples? Yes please!

Samples? Yes please!

What do you think of our analysis? What are the things you like about this display? Let us know below!

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